Monday, December 27, 2010

Kehidupan Di Offshore


Kali ni nak share pengalaman aku memancing kat kelong Kampung Baru. I literally call it offshore since the kelong is located in the middle of river mouth and there is no direct access from the land except with boat and helicopter. Okey, ini bukan kali pertama aku memancing ikan. Tapi still tak se-pro sepupu dengan pak2 sedare aku yang sememangnye kaki pancing. Still in the learning mode on how to tie the well known fisherman's knot and double 8 knot. Bhahaha. But the experience is worthy.

It is early in the morning when my cousin and i went out to catch some umpun2 to be used as bait. The umpun2 live in the swamp area and we have to be fast before the sea water level raise and submerge the whole area.

I'm sure Farid the mangrove boy really want to go this site. Hahah.

Thats umpun2. Kinda ulat or centipede without it's sting to me. They live in their "sarung" shown in the picture above at the surface of the mud. U have to hunt them quietly cause they are very cunning and can escape into the mud as fast as lightning. SupSupSup then vanish into the darkness of mud. Though, we managed to caught a bucket of umpun2. thats mean we are even more cunning. Hahah

Luckily, the mud just shallow. In some area, the depth of mud might extend to the height of knee.

Then, went to this shop to find tools and equipment needed for the journey tonight. Bought some perambut, pins, and barbs there.

And after magrib, we departed with complete gadget and tools for fishing. Abang Faizol with his 3kg Malong easily tamed by him. Takde hal punye. Stail ikan ni nak kejor orang je. tangguk2 je stret hempuk pale bagi meninggal dulu. kalo tak ade yang kne gigit.

Then, 8 of us stay up till morning. 12 hours of non-stop fishing. Muke masing2 dah nak koyak rabak mancing. Hahah. Some pics of the kelong.

There is Jambatan Raja Permaisuri Bainun back there.

You better watch your step brah or else you will stumble into the river.

Happy faces when ending our fishing trip. Both with 2 Ketuka and a Gelama. Hahasel. I don't have my picture except my feet. Demm. Now I realize how important to bring another camera man for trip and tour such as this.

p/s: congratz Malaysia football team for the astounding performance last night. Enjoyed so much. another 3 more goals during the 2nd leg plzz.

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  1. When u mention kampung baru, i thought the one in the middle of KL. XD. tak tau plak ko ade minat terpendam.