Monday, December 27, 2010

Kehidupan Di Offshore


Kali ni nak share pengalaman aku memancing kat kelong Kampung Baru. I literally call it offshore since the kelong is located in the middle of river mouth and there is no direct access from the land except with boat and helicopter. Okey, ini bukan kali pertama aku memancing ikan. Tapi still tak se-pro sepupu dengan pak2 sedare aku yang sememangnye kaki pancing. Still in the learning mode on how to tie the well known fisherman's knot and double 8 knot. Bhahaha. But the experience is worthy.

It is early in the morning when my cousin and i went out to catch some umpun2 to be used as bait. The umpun2 live in the swamp area and we have to be fast before the sea water level raise and submerge the whole area.

I'm sure Farid the mangrove boy really want to go this site. Hahah.

Thats umpun2. Kinda ulat or centipede without it's sting to me. They live in their "sarung" shown in the picture above at the surface of the mud. U have to hunt them quietly cause they are very cunning and can escape into the mud as fast as lightning. SupSupSup then vanish into the darkness of mud. Though, we managed to caught a bucket of umpun2. thats mean we are even more cunning. Hahah

Luckily, the mud just shallow. In some area, the depth of mud might extend to the height of knee.

Then, went to this shop to find tools and equipment needed for the journey tonight. Bought some perambut, pins, and barbs there.

And after magrib, we departed with complete gadget and tools for fishing. Abang Faizol with his 3kg Malong easily tamed by him. Takde hal punye. Stail ikan ni nak kejor orang je. tangguk2 je stret hempuk pale bagi meninggal dulu. kalo tak ade yang kne gigit.

Then, 8 of us stay up till morning. 12 hours of non-stop fishing. Muke masing2 dah nak koyak rabak mancing. Hahah. Some pics of the kelong.

There is Jambatan Raja Permaisuri Bainun back there.

You better watch your step brah or else you will stumble into the river.

Happy faces when ending our fishing trip. Both with 2 Ketuka and a Gelama. Hahasel. I don't have my picture except my feet. Demm. Now I realize how important to bring another camera man for trip and tour such as this.

p/s: congratz Malaysia football team for the astounding performance last night. Enjoyed so much. another 3 more goals during the 2nd leg plzz.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Saat, Minit, Jam, Hari dan Tahun yang bergerak sekali

Saat ini saat bahagia yang ke-94608000

Minit ini minit bahagia yang ke-1576800

Jam ini jam bahagia yang ke-26280

Hari ini hari bahagia yang ke-1095

Tahun ini tahun bahagia ke-3





Dan semoga saat, minit, jam, hari dan tahun bahagia ini berterusan ke saat malaikat mencabutkan nyawa.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Have to Blog About This

Despite the warning of the url of this site. I need to blog about this .The BMW team just reveal the a prototype of i8, and they decide to produce the this series with hybrid-power engine. The design is flawless and perfect from my point of view.

For more here
and here

Saturday, December 11, 2010

This is serious Fuck

After updating the avg anti-virus to 2011 my Firefox INTERNET browser keep crashing. In about 4 - 5 minutes, browser crash and serifuckously i feel like blowing both of the AVG and Mozilla Headquarter right now. After so much tweak done to Mozilla, it disenchant me. Damn you. How am i going to go through the bookmarked page list. They are very important. Is there any way to transfer the bookmark page list from Mozilla to Opera?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Now I'm Leaving UTP


This might be the last post from UTP before i'm going back home this evening..Just wanted to say good luck to all of my course mate and also graduating student. Do contact me if any of you work in Ipoh or wanting to have a vacation around Perak. Seriously, I could arranged one provided there is a traveling guide budget.

To all that drives home alone, please seriously please i beg you to bring a lot of supplementary foods and drinks in case you are sleepy or you can just sleep at the nearby R&R. Once home, send my regards to you parents especially Rose eh. Nnt I datang la rumah U..eheh

Hope you enjoy the jobless-day instead of holiday that we were having for the last 5 years. Insyallah we all will be getting a job soon. It doesn't matter whether with big company or small company cause we are still learning and once again we will start as junior and noobies.

Bye~ :D

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Currently Unemployed


Thesis yang di hantar ahad lepas telah selamat di hard boundkan. Esok akan hantar bersama sekeping cd dan abstrak. Then tamatlah hidup aku sebagai student kat UTP ni and I'm officially fucking free to do what ever i want. (for a period of time).

Thats all folks.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

FYP Done


okey tu jeritan batin aku yang puas dengan habes nye FYP aku siang tadi..sekian berapa abad dah aku xupdate blog nih
kali nih i really have the pleasant time to update..

maybe this blog will lively again..
who knows..


Tuesday, September 14, 2010



From the bottom of my heart, i like to wish all of you happy eid. I'm sorry for everything that might get you feel offended. I'm just a simple guy living a simple life. Thats all i've got to say. and please provide me with some duet raya cause i'm already broke.

mencuci baju menggunakan daia
baju nya wangi seperti juwita
selamat menyambut hari raya
ampun dan maaf hamba pinta



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak


Aku tahu ari first puase ni ramai yang still baru nak menyesuaikan diri dengan keadaan..Contohnye tak boleh nak bukak peti minum air sejuk tengah2 ari n tak boleh nak korek hidung sesuke ati. Ade jugak yang still nak menyesuaikan diri dari tak mengeluarkan maki hamun dari mulut mahupon dalam hati. Same lah cam aku, sblm ni tak penah nak prektis pose sunat. So mmg lalai skit kekadang tu. Laen lah kalo golongan hawa, diorang ni sblm masok pose mmg dah rancak wat pose ganti. Mebi diorang dah familiar dgn pantang larang orang berpuase ni.

Aku yakin ramai yang setuju yang bulan ramadhan ni membawa feel or aura yang positif n baek. Dari segi kesihatan, puase ni merehatkan sistem penghadaman kite yang selama ni bekerja siang malam n boleh menurunkan berat badan. Dari segi rohani pulak, kite akan lebih banyak mengawal tingkah laku percakapan dan pemikiran kite. Takde laa nak men lepas je kalo marah.

Sesame le kite memperbanyakkan ibadah di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini. Moga2 kite tergolong dalam golongan orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh. Aminn. Okey, dah banyak aku membebel. Nak g sambung wat keje. Petang ni ade welcoming dialogue session dak2 Civil plak.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Avenged Sevenfold: Nightmare

Hai, avenged sevenfold just released their new album entitled nightmare. 11 songs all together. Very much like their previous album. 

1. Nightmare
2. Welcome to the Family
3. Danger Line
4. Buried Alive
5. Natural Born Killer
6. So Far Away
7. God Hates Us
8. Victim
9. Tonight the World Dies
10. Fiction
11. Save Me

An album which worth to buy for whom feels like to head bang all the way from the start. Hakhak

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Currently at UTP

Skjap lagi nak wat experimen xrf kat building 17. Lepak2 kat bilik jap

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Envelove Gadget

Assalamualaikum & good day,

After using iPod for about a year. I think I'm legible enough to give some review about this gadget. Haha. Mine is 2nd generation iPod touch 8gb. Bought mid September last year. Price around RM750 at low yat. Larger the storage the price will be higher.

Having the same firmware as iPhone 3GS which is 3.1.1. Then, I upgrade the firmware to 3.1.3. Jailbreak twice. First using blackrain tethered jailbreak. Then, spirit untethered jailbreak. Untethered jailbreak is very crucial if u want to fully utilize your iPod. Once you've install certain app from Cydia, you need to restart before being able to use the app. Plus, spirit jailbreak tool is really user friendly.

Its totally fun to play games and listen to your music by the touch of your fingertip. The capacitive touchscreen give a better gestures compared to resistive touchscreen. Some of the game and app really addictive and stunningly intelligent.

Now the iPhone4 has been launch with a newer and more sophisticated firmware called iOS4. Yup, a new firmware means another jailbreak tool. I guess, I just wait for the jailbreak tool to be released then only i'll upgrade my firmware.

Normally, when a new model launch, the previous model will become cheaper. There's also a rumor that 4th gen iPod touch will be released soon in September will camera, gyroscope and LED flash.

Current price of 2nd gen and 3rd gen.

Apple iPod touch 8 GB (2nd Generation--with iPhone OS 3.1 Software Installed) [NEWEST MODEL]

Apple iPod touch 32 GB (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL

iPod purchase guide.

That all.. thanks

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Berakhirnye World Cup Aku


Dengan kekalahan Germany pagi tadi telah menandakan berakhirnya perjuangan bangun awal pagi or tak tido pagi bagi aku. Sotong Paul Octopus tu sekali lagi membuat ramalan dengan tepat. Namun kita sebagai seorang umat islam jangan laa percaya dengan tilikan sotong tu. Mungkin itu hanya kebetulan sahaja. Sesungguhnya perbuatan tilik menilik naseb ni dilarang oleh rasulullah.

Terbagi ceramah plak pagi ni. Hahah. Tahniah pasukan Spain coz layak ke final piala dunia bertemu Belanda. Episod akhir perlawanan epik kali ni, aku hanyalah penonton yang berada di atas pagar. Tak menyokong mana2 team. Sesiapa yang menang pon tak memberi efek ke atas diri aku. 2 2 team tak pernah lagi pegang title world cup. Do your best aku ucapkan. Susah plak nak tunggu 4 tahun lagi.

Okey setakat itu sahaja. Nak tido dulu. Night

p/s: HIMYM akan bersambung balek 12th July ni. Watch out

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kenduri Kahwin Kerol (KKK)


Kairul Radzikin a.k.a Kerol merangkap ex-classmate aku kat ASiS tahun 2004-2005 telah selamat mendirikan rumah tangge dengan Hanin. Aku biler lagi?. Ahaha. Ape2 pon aku nak ucapkan tahniah kepada pengatin baru dan semoga berkekalan sehingga ke anak cucu cicit piut pipit dan seterusnya.

Bercakap hal kahwin ni. Kalo dah ade duet tu boleh laa terus kawin. Tunggu lame2 watpe kan. Tengok si Kerol ni laa. Aku dengar citer 2 bulan kenal je trus ajak kawin. Amacam? Ade brani? Tapi aku takde duet lagi skrang. So kene laa tunggu la keje and ade duet dulu. dalam 5 6 tahun tu insyallah ade rezeki kawin laa kan. Calon dah ade. Hahah

Majlis aritu sangat meriah. Sumpah lame tak jumpe si Kerol ni. Skali jumpe dah kawin. Tema kaler ungu. Kalo aku tau aku cari baju kaler ungu gak. Nanti time aku kawin nak wat warne ungu gak aa. Aiceh. Dapat gak jumpe membe2 yang laen. Wuhuu. Kecoh gak aa dewan tu. Sembang2, kutuk2, gelak2 rugi pengantin tak dapat join sebab dok atas pelamin. Takpe2.

Abes kenduri ronggeng sampai lebam. Thanks to tiger sebab bawak aku bejalan naek kete ko dari Ipoh n pusing2 KL dan juga jadi bahan kutuk sesame membe. Biase aa tu kne kutuk kan. Ngan membe2 tak yah nak terasa hati sangat lah. Lagipon kau dah pandai counter orang kutuk balek. Hahah. Cibai. Ni ko blaja kat ireland ek?

p/s: gambar2 kredit to crot. walaupon slalo gamba ko xde, u r a very talented photographer. FTW!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kembali Beraksi


Harini aku pulang ke UTP untuk menyambung kerja2 FYP yang terbengkalai. Hope dapat settle harini. Tak payah nak g sane lagi esok. akan memecahkan cement paste aku menjadi hablur untuk experiment XRF. Huh. Banyak sample plak.

Orite nak g mandi.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Perfect Day


Okey aku nak sambung citer dari aku tido giler2 pas men futsal semalam. Dalam pukul 1430 aku terjaga sebab kne tarik ibu jari kaki ngn mak aku. Kate orang tua2, kalo nak senang kejut orang dari tido. Tarik ibu jari kaki, reason nye roh keluar masok ikot ibu jari kaki. Itu aku tak pasti. Kata aku plak, kalo nak senang kejut orang tido renjis2 air kt muke, kalo takde efek simbah sebaldi trus. Reason nye, aku memang menyampah bile kene kejut cara tu. So aku assume sume orang pon camtu gak la.Hahah

Orite sambung cerita balek yer. Tak lame lepas bangun, aku dapat mesej dari Ayem suh aku book tiket wayang citer 'Karate Kid'. Aku wat bodoh je. Hahah. Then tak lame pastu datang lagi satu mesej. Die dah suh Hadi belikan. Hahah. Dalam hati kate "Yes". Hari Ahad and waktu pon dah petang. So paham2 laa. Aku memang menjangkakan ketibaan lagi satu mesej. Oyeah, 2 3 minit pastu datang lagi mesej. Kate 'Karate Kid' punye tiket wayang dah habes. Tinggal A-Team. Aku layankan saje, tgk cite action n thriller cam bes gak. Dapat tiket kul 945 mlm.

Petang tu sempat kuar ngan mak aku ke Ria Moda ngn Nagoya. Teman die nak cari kain langsir, dah lame tak tukar langsir kate nye. Pancing baek je dah taw nak kuar malam 2 hari berturut2. Kne aa wat baek skit. Hakhak. Hasel gak aa pencarian selama 3 jam tu. Kain langsir yang diidam2 kan oleh mak aku tidak ditemui.

Pas maghrib Roy dengan Triton nye sampai rumah, stret ke rumah Ayem. Binatang ni nak kuar memang laju je tapi takde transport therefore memang keje kne angkut die je. Hahah. Dah sampai JJ lepak2 tunggu Hadi datang bawak tiket sambil minum2 kat food court. Tepat kul 945 stret masok panggung.

Sepanjang citer tu, kami dok gelak je. Seyes kelakar dan bes citer ni. Aku respek tuan direktor Joe Carnahan sebab boleh gabungkan action dengan comedy. Bagi aku tu sesuatu yang susah. Dari 5 bintang, aku boleh bagi 5 bintang. Tak rugi tengok cite ni. I strongly recommend this movie to those who really like perfect plan or shud I say perfectionist. Liam Nesson mmg sinonim ngn citer2 action ngn serious such as Taken, Schindler's list, Batman Begins n Kingdom of Heaven. Aku tak expect die boleh melakonkan watak yang kelakar jugak. Character2 laen macam Face, B.A ngn Murdock mmg gile2 and macho habes ah. Tak bleh nak citer banyak2. G tgk sendiri!!

Dah 2 3 jam kuar wayang pon stil dok sembang pasal A-Team lagi sambil menikmati oblong kat stall Amzar. Lepak2 situ sampai stall tutop, sambung tgk bola Brazil lawan Ivory Cost plak. Berakhir dengan kemenangan Brazil 3 berbalas 1. Balek rumah, mandi semayang dan trus terbongkang atas katil sampai petang for another day. Great!

p/s: baru aku tahu dah penah ade movie The A-Team ni tahun 1983. but with different plot. old skoll.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Piala Dunia 2010


Period2 camni aku mula tak senang duduk, kaki pon terikut mau sepak bola. Kecewa aku bile dah siap2 pop corn nak tgk bola, tapi RTM tak amik plak game awal2 ni. Nak kuar malas, kalo laa aku ade adik beradik lelaki yang minat bola gak. Senang hati aku nak kuar lepak ngn diorang je.

Ape2 hal pon, ketiadaan astro supersport di rumah tak melunturkan semangat aku melayan bola sepak. Kehadiran sopcast membolehkan aku tgk bola secara live di depan pc. Dapat gak aa tgk match France ngn Mexico aritu, tapi gamba ala kadar je aa.

Kali ni pasukan pilihan aku German. Dengan barisan pemain muda ngn tua aku rase boleh pergi kot. Walaupon kalah ngn Serbia aritu, German is always in my heart. Hahah. Ade berbaki satu game lagi dalam peringkat kumpulan. Hope menang ngan Ghana nnt. Ade nmpk Joachim Loew tym game Ghana ngn Australia tadi. Dok usha2 pemain n corak permainan Ghana la gamaknye. Next game is very crucial. Jangan ade kad merah ag next game. Suey siot.

Okey aa. aku pon baru balek men futsal ni sempena demam piala dunia ngan memembe skolah Bainun dulu. Badan pon dah penat. Nak mandi n tunggu subuh. Then tido tak ingat dunia. Ciow

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Selamat Hari Jadi Yang Ke 21

Hepi besday to me ♫
Hepi besday to me ♪
Hepi besday to me ♫
Hepi besday to Rafi ♪♫

xde keje nyanyi kat diri sendiri..huh..dah cukup 21 tahun dah umor aku

Thanks kepada semua yang wish

and special thanks kepada rose sebab arrange surprise party

Thanks for the present too~love it

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Israel is Not Real


Isu Israel Palestine ni memang dah lame. Sejak aku belom lahir ke muka bumi lagi, bumi palestine tu dah bergolak. Sampai sekarang pon tak selesai lagi. Ape yang Si Israel ni mau dari Palestine pon aku tak tahu. Tak cukup dengan Palestine, negara laen pon die nak bikin onar. Kapal Mavi Marmara yang dalam perjalanan menghantar bantuan ke Gaza pon diserang nye. Lebih teruk 12 warganegara Malaysia pon terlibat. Dan sekarang dalam tawanan pihak tentera Israel.

Sume orang tahu kekejaman tentera Zionis nih. Dari merobohkan penempatan Palestine kat Semenanjung Gaza yang sah2 milik penduduk Palestine, membunuh orang awam hingga sanggup menggunakan bom fosforus ke atas civilian. Padahal memang dah termaktub dalam Perjanjian Geneva penggunaan bom fosforus ke atas civilian adalah dilarang.

Aku harap 12 warganegara Malaysia yang berada atas kapal tersebut selamat, banyak2 lah kita berdoa dan mengharapkan penyelesaian yang terbaek dari pihak kerajaan malaysia.

This link will be beneficial for the latest update about the condition in Palestine. what we can do for now is to keep praying to Allah the almighty for the sake of Islam.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Defense of the Ancient (DotA)

Lame gak aku dah men DotA ni. Since zaman foundation lagi. Load screen pon dah byk kali tukar. Ni sume gara2 Pojie yang dok menghasut aku.

"Men lah lah DotA..bes..boleh aku pawn ko..orang len aku takleh nak pawn..diorg dah power."

"Aku malas men ah pojie..takot kalo aku stat men aku xboleh behenti nak pawn ko..haha."

Last2 aku men gak..sebab die belanje ice-cream kalo aku men. okey, gua tipu.

Banyak kali gak aku try stop men..sebab noob sangat..hahah.

Tapi laa ni..aku ngn Awe dah berjaya hasut dak2 umah aku yang len men dota skali..Halil, Kamal, Moja, Badu2 ngn Azmi dah menjadi mangse DotA. Yang dah retired DotA pon men balek..hahah.

Bes men ngn kengkawan..boleh gelak2 n bahan2..masing2 noob bak lagi..boleh aa aku pawn byk2..hahah (terutamanye Halil).

Kalo time dok v4 lagi aa dasyat..ITMS tak wat celake lagi tym tu..bnet tu..dak2 v1, v2, v3 ngn v4 pon boleh join..beratur dak2 ni nak men..boleh 3 or 4 game run serentak..pergh happening..riuh semacam je bnet tym tu.

Tapi skrg ni..nak join bnet v5 cam celake je..kne connect hamachi dlu aa..then lagging, delay, spike sume ade aa.. cam men garena je plak.

Las2 men dgn dak2 blok je..xramai laa sgt..berkurun gak aa nak tggu full house tu..boleh g makan smyg sume siap.

Ape2 pon..DotA banyak mengajar aku skill2 untuk survival and bunuh orang..hahah.

Okey aa..ciow dlu..nak g smyg jumaat..ehem2.

p/s: credit DotA load screen pictures to kunkka@deviant art n stanley

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Selamat Hari Ibu~

To my beloved mama,

Thanks for everything that you've done for me. I couldn't fully repay the effort that you've done to grow me. I wish I could spend more time with you. I love you. (pandai ke mak aku bace ni?)

your only son,


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bangsa Membaca Bangsa Berjaya


Lame btol aku tak memerah otak pikir ape nak tulis kat blog aku nih. Banyak peristiwa yang berlaku tapi tak sempat nak update and malas. Malas memang slalo menjadi penyebab utama lah. Bile nak tulis je tibe2 idea hilang. Tertekan jiwa aku. Haha

Last2, entry aku takde isi. Setakat coretan tepi dinding. Aku assume bende same akan terjadi kat entry ni jugak. Haha. Aku rase memori jangke pendek aku memang pendek btol laa. Ade ke penyakit camtu?? Tolong aku doktor2 sekalian.


Slalo kalau aku kuar ke Ipoh. Memang tabiat aku, suke duk menyemak kat MPH Jusco kalo takde keje. Dok curi2 bace majalah yang ade kat situ. Memang dok bace je ah tapi tak penah beli pon. Hahahampeh.

Tapi minggu lepas tergerak plak hati aku nak beli novel seketul. Lame tak bace novel. Last time aku bace novel jiwang "The Notebook" tak habes pon. Hasel gile. Mungkin tak kene dengan jiwa aku kot. Haha. Mase kecik2 dulu novel siri penyiasatan Hadi tu memang rajin ah bace.

Dok pusing2 MPH tu sambil usap2 janggut pikir novel ape yang nak beli nih. Las2 jumpe novel Digital Fortress karya Dan Brown. Alaa, yang novel die orang wat jadi filem tuh macam Da Vinci Code dengan Angel & Demon. Aku minat tengok filem2 camtu sebab aku minat bende2 yang misteri nih cam secret organization or code2 breaking.

Aku saje tak nak beli Da Vinci Code sebab kalo dah abes bace nanti kne sambung bace Angel & Demon plak then Lost Symbol. Dana xde nih, so aku angkat yang tak ade sequel and prequel. Dapatlee sebuah novel Digital Fortress. Haha.

Setakat ni aku dah bace dalam 20%. Aku sangat suke jalan citer die. Cryptography is an interesting field I guess. Chapter die banyak and pendek2 so tak boring sangat lah. Karekter pon tak banyak sangat and tak senang terkeliru ah. Aku rase Raz penah suggest buku ni kat aku dulu2. Thank you2. Novel ni memang bes. Berbaloi aku beli. Haha.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bukan Kerna Nama


Aku menulis bukan kerna nama..


Saturday, April 17, 2010


For those who enjoy the Ocean's trilogy. U've got to watch this series. Its a story about 5 person whom is very expert in each field. They will steal back what the rich and powerful people take from unfortunate people. Its like Robin Hood legend. They will come out with extraordinary plan to take back the properties of the mid-class or low-class people. Every episode have a different problem, therefore u will not get bored.

They are Nate Ford who is the master mind, Sophie as a grifter, Elliot as a hitter, Parker as a little cute and adorable thief and Hardison as hacker. This team is complete with all the sophisticated technology and crazy plan to solve their problems. In my personal point of view, this series can be as interesting as prison break.

U just have to watch the first episode of the first season. Then, u will be addicted to this series. Currently, Leverage is at the end of season two. Still you have to sacrifice some time to catch up this series (if you have time lah). Hahah!!

p/s: credit to for the picture

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Add on mozilla firefox yang agak cun


Quite nice laa Mozilla Firefox version 3.6.2 ni

Antara add on yang aku suggest gune:

1) personas - customize your mozilla firefox theme

2) fastestfox - just bold the word or phrase..a dialogue box will can select to search either using google or yahoo or others search engines.

3) speed dial - speed up your browsing time..don't have to go through your bookmark list anymore

4) echofon - for twitter user..simple and automatically update your tweet..don't have to use web anymore

Kalau korang ade add on yang cam bes ag..share ler ngn aku

Thank you

p/s: thank to my roommate for promoting these add-ons =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am running from something i don't know

I am searching for something which way to go

I am trying to separate what's real

I am running in a wheel

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mengumpulkan sampel air longkang


Semalam aku pegi Penang. One day field trip to one of the most expensive housing project in Penang. Sri Tanjung Penang develop by E&O. Yang menariknye, area perumahan ni dibina di atas tanah yang telah di tambak near Tanjung Tokong. They've reclaimed 240-acre of land which is quite big and they are planning to reclaim another island after finishing the project.

Ade banyak fasa pembangunan kat situ. Ade rumah teres, semi-d, banglo and kondominium. And the price above 1 million. No wonder most of the buyers are Dato'. Ade gak area yang akan di bangunkan tuk jadi waterpark. There also a marina tuk parking personal boat. Tempat ni mmg high-end punyelah.

Tujuan field trip sebenarnye nak kumpul sampel air yang tercemar dekat area2 development tu sebenarnye. So dah abes briefing dengan pemaju, kami pon mulakan lah agenda sebenar field trip nih. Ade 4 cekpoint tuk amik sampel air nih termasuk lah longkang, Persiaran Gurney and Tanjung Tokong.

Sebelom balek sempat singgah Padang Kota sat layan pasembur. Nice beb! Nak p Penang lagi lah. Bes habaq kat hang! Semalam tak sempat nak melawat tempat2 yang bes cam Bukit Bendera, Lorong Kulit, Komtar, and Batu Feringgi sebab lecturer cakap takde pencemaran air kat situ. T_T

Area marina

Girlfriend and classmates

Gambaran pendesigner

Tanjung Tokong - batu tu adalah breakwater

Cekpoint 3

Pasemboq habaq hang!